Children’s Dentistry

Good oral hygiene habits should be formed at an early age. That’s why it’s essential for children to visit the dentist on or before their first birthday when their first tooth erupts. This helps your child get into the regular habit of attending bi-annual dental assessments, familiarises them with dental care techniques and makes it more likely that they’ll look after their teeth well into adulthood.

Early detection

At Pascoe Vale Dental Group, we aim to provide a pleasant experience for both you and your child so they are happy to come to our dental practice on a regular basis. They will meet with the Oral Health Therapist whom will monitor teeth progress, educate them on how to prevent decay, and assess jaw and bite function as your child grows. This is especially important as the early detection and management of tooth alignment can avoid difficulties once secondary teeth erupt.

Putting your child at ease

For the apprehensive child, our trained Oral health Therapist excels at managing fears and putting children at ease while receiving dental care. In limited cases, we may recommend an anaesthetic for your child. This ensures our Oral Health Therapist can work longer and complete more treatment on your child in fewer visits. In some cases General Anaesthetic may be suggested for your child to have their dental treatment performed

Contact us today to schedule your childs routine dental check up  with our very  experienced Oral Health Therapist . Our dental team will ensure your child’s dental needs are looked after with first-class care. We will also equip you with the necessary skills to teach your child how to effectively clean and care for their teeth at home.


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Oral Hygiene Education  |  Prevention Program

A healthy mouth is a healthy body. Substantial research has found a strong link between periodontal disease (gum disease) and a host of serious health complications, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, stroke and cancer.